One Dollar Hits (Single)

by Professor Yarnhead

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This single includes a pair of spoken word pieces… on the a-side is “One Dollar Hits”, based on a word-collage I created years ago. On the b-side is “There's A Place” about the world I find myself in during dream time.


released April 6, 2016

Written and Produced by Professor Yarnhead



all rights reserved


Professor Yarnhead Pioneertown, California

Over twenty years ago my friend Brian had a dream in which there was a character named Yarn Head. When he told me about his dream I told him that years from now, when I was around 50 I’d have a band and I’d call myself Professor Yarnhead.

I guess that time has come!

Now I'm living and recording in the hi-desert in Southern California, near Joshua Tree in Pioneertown.
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Track Name: One Dollar Hits

One Dollar Hits

A beautiful blend of images - Embark on a spectacular journey through a unique celebration of our carpets of rainbow-hued flowers through the mist-shrouded science and technology.

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Indonesia is strung out again
She had never taken LSD before,
Blissed out, Red Star

she looks fearless and immune and ready for all,
she was an electric guitar on a Sunday night

...serene. Certain things worked smoothly on every level.

She stood out like a crowd
She played the city like a pinstripe suit.
She asked for the moon in a cup and her breasts hung over the city.



Revolutionary Chicken Feed

You win, you could be exposed,
Imagine feeling so

As the full moon rose we started to drink
Through my blue window I heard a fragile scream.
I saw smoke coming off my shoes
Luminous shine-in-the-dark Stars for your ceiling
lurching in the dark
at the bottom of the stairs.

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Track Name: There's A Place
There's a place I find myself many times.
The light is always bad in that place.
Several times I've seen jets come falling through the sky,
crashing into suburban neighborhoods.
Usually there are UFO's involved.
There is a warehouse there
with all my paintings in it,
they're hanging on the walls.
Lately I've been spending a lot of time at a bar
in a bad part of town -
Sometimes it's in a strip center,
sometimes it's just a roadside shack,
but it's always the same inside.
Weeks ago I spent all night driving to the North Pole.

I'm losing things constantly –
keys, cellphone, weed, people…
I never fit into my clothes properly.
The cars have uncomfortable seats
and I always have trouble reaching the brake pedal.
The freeways turn at impossible angles
and often turn into dirt roads.
Many of the places I used to live are there…
Sometimes, when I haven't visited in a while,
there are new housing developments.
Old buildings come down,
new buildings show up.
Sometimes I have to walk for miles,
block after block of houses,
apartment buildings, convenience stores, various shops, empty lots.
The hills are always steep.

We used to have tidal waves, all the time.
The beach would tilt,
and I got washed out to sea numerous times.
That doesn't happen any more,
but the beach has pretty extreme tides.
There's a place down by the harbor
with a road that leads to the country,
to somewhere in Arizona.
Another road leads to the mountains,
on to the maze of freeways.
They've been clear cutting the mountains for months now,
and it's turning brown.
I never seem to have money and I never need it.
I eat very little and never taste the food.
I've always got a purpose but there never seems to be any reason why I'm doing these things...